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Student Summary for
Clayton Archer
School: Stevenson
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 205
Grad. Year: 2013
2012-2013 FootballPosition: TE/LBNumber: 11
Named Mission Trail Athletic League Defensive Player of the Year. All Mission Trail Athletic League selection.
11/10/2012vs. MarinaArcher, Clayton 0 yd fumble return Miller, Drew Kick
2 carries for 2yds; 2 recepts for 25yds; 2 tackles;2 assists;1 fumbles recovered;

11/03/2012vs. GonzalesArcher, Clayton safety
Archer, Clayton safety
1 recepts for 15yds; 1 interceptions;2 tackles;2 assists;2.5 sacks;1 forced fumbles;

10/26/2012vs. King City4 recepts for 57yds; 2 tackles;4 assists;1 tackles for loss;1 sacks;1 fumbles recovered;

10/19/2012vs. Pacific Grove4 recepts for 41yds; 3 assists;

10/13/2012vs. Carmel2 recepts for 17yds; 4 tackles;2 assists;1 tackles for loss;1 fumbles recovered;

10/06/2012vs. Greenfield2 recepts for 30yds;

09/28/2012vs. Soledad3 recepts for 10yds; 4 tackles;2 assists;3 tackles for loss;

09/22/2012vs. St. Francis S.C.P.4 tackles;3 assists;3 sacks;

09/08/2012vs. HarborJackson, John 4 yd touchdown reception from Archer, Clayton Archer, Clayton 2 pt. conv.
6 carries for 38yds; 1 recepts for 2yds; 5 tackles;2 assists;2 sacks;

2011-2012 FootballPosition: Number:
10/15/2011vs. King CityArcher, Clayton 1 yd touchdown run Gargari, Paco Kick
7 carries for 31yds; 2-12 passing, 13yds 1 ints;

09/24/2011vs. St. Francis S.C.P.Archer, Clayton 4 yd touchdown run Gargari, Paco Kick
10 carries for 30yds; 11-23 passing, 125yds 3 ints; 1 sacks;

09/17/2011vs. Monte Vista ChristianPeszynski, Grant 46 yd touchdown reception from Archer, Clayton Failed Kick
7 carries for -2yds; 8-19 passing, 82yds 3 ints;

09/10/2011vs. HarborHewitt, Grant 34 yd touchdown reception from Archer, Clayton Failed 2 Point conversion
Archer, Clayton 2 yd touchdown run Miller, Drew Kick
3 carries for 2yds; 9-21 passing, 140yds 0 ints; 1 sacks;

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