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Student Summary for
Aida Mora
School: Monterey
Grad. Year: 2015
2014-2015 Girls' SoccerPosition: Number:
Named Monterey Bay League Pacific Division Player of the Year. All Monterey Bay League Pacific Division selection. Named to the All Monterey County Girls Soccer Team by the Salinas Californian.
02/13/2015vs. Monte Vista Christian1 Goals;

02/11/2015vs. North Monterey County1 Goals;

01/21/2015vs. Monte Vista Christian1 Goals;

01/07/2015vs. North Salinas2 Goals;

12/09/2014vs. Carmel1 Goals;

12/05/2014vs. Alisal2 Goals;

12/03/2014vs. Marina4 Goals;

12/01/2014vs. Monte Vista Christian1 Goals;

2013-2014 Girls' SoccerPosition: Number:
All Monterey Bay League Pacific Division selection.
02/12/2014vs. North Monterey County2 Goals; 1 Assists;

02/05/2014vs. North Salinas2 Assists;

01/22/2014vs. Everett Alvarez1 Goals;

01/17/2014vs. North Monterey County1 Assists;

12/17/2013vs. Marina1 Goals; 3 Assists;

12/13/2013vs. Gonzales1 Goals; 2 Assists;

12/10/2013vs. Carmel2 Assists;

12/07/2013vs. Watsonville1 Goals;

2012-2013 Girls' SoccerPosition: Number: 18
01/09/2013vs. Alisal1 Goals;

12/14/2012vs. Seaside1 Assists;

12/10/2012vs. Soledad1 Goals; 1 Assists;

11/30/2012vs. Christopher1 Goals;

11/28/2012vs. Gonzales3 Goals;

2011-2012 Girls' SoccerPosition: Number:
02/07/2012vs. Christopher1 Goals; 4 Shots Attempts;

01/31/2012vs. Monte Vista Christian2 Goals; 1 Assists; 6 Shots Attempts;

01/26/2012vs. Watsonville6 Shots Attempts;

01/17/2012vs. Seaside1 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts;

01/10/2012vs. Pajaro Valley2 Shots Attempts;

01/05/2012vs. Monte Vista Christian1 Assists; 6 Shots Attempts;

01/03/2012vs. Watsonville1 Goals; 7 Shots Attempts;

12/16/2011vs. North Salinas4 Shots Attempts;

12/06/2011vs. Pacific Grove1 Goals; 5 Shots Attempts;

12/05/2011vs. North Monterey County1 Goals; 6 Shots Attempts;

12/03/2011vs. Pajaro Valley3 Goals; 2 Shots Attempts;

11/30/2011vs. Kirby School1 Goals; 4 Shots Attempts;

11/28/2011vs. Gonzales2 Goals; 2 Assists; 4 Shots Attempts;

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