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2008-2009 Boys' Volleyball

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Central Coast Volleyball
Stat Definitions
Kill: A kill is awarded to a player any time an attack is unreturnable by the opposition and is a direct cause of the opponent not returning the ball or any time the attack leads directly to a blocking error by the opposition. A kill leads directly to either a point or side-out. When a player is awarded a kill, the player also is awarded and attack attempt.

Assist: A player is awarded an assist whenever that player passes, sets or digs the ball to a teammate who attacks the ball for a kill. There are three possible outcomes of a ball that is being set.

  • An assist
  • An assist error or ball-handling error
  • A zero assist. This occurs when a ball that is set does not lead directly to a kill or side-out.

Dig: A dig is awarded when a player passes the ball that has been attacked by the opposition. Digs only are given when players receive an attacked ball and it is kept in play. That does not include passing a free ball or passing a serve. Only passing an attacked ball and keeping it in play is a dig.

Ace: A service ace is a serve that results directly in a point. A service ace is awarded to a player:

  • If the serve strikes the opponents court untouched.
  • If the serve is touched by the opponent, but can not be kept in play.
  • If the official calls a violation on the receiver, ie, a lift.
  • If the receiving team is out of rotation, ie, overlap.

Block: A block is awarded when a player(s) blocks the ball into the opponent's court leading directly to a point or side out. There are three possible outcomes when a player(s) is blocking.

  • The player(s) is credited with a successful block solo or block assist.
  • The player is charged with a block error.
  • The attack attempt is deflected off the blocker's hands and is kept in play by one of the teams.
A block solo (BS) is awarded when a player blocks the ball into the opposition's court leading directly to a point or a side-out. That player is the only blocker attempting to block the ball.

A block assist (BA) is awarded when two or three players block the ball into the opponent's courtfor point or side-out. Each player receives a bock assist even if only one player actually blocks the ball.

A blocking error (BE) occurs when an official calls a blocker for a violation.

2/24/2009 Hollister vs. San Lorenzo ValleyPhoto by Paul Firenzi
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    Seed Meeting: Saturday, May 9 @ the CCS Offices, 9:00am

    Monterey Bay Prep Report Boys Volleyball fans - track the 2009 Central Coast Section volleyball playoff seeds and game results before they come out in the paper the next day. We have set up direct links to the Central Coast Section playoff website so that local volleyball fans can quickly track the results of the seed meetings, the playoff brackets, the match-ups and playoff game results.

  • Kill Leaders
    Cook, Brian643866.0SOQ
    Morano, Ryan784435.7SCV
    Vahradian, Michael752733.6HAR
    Shenfield, Drew21733.5APT
    Bertelsen, Steffan601963.3SOQ
    Beltz, Zac501553.1SLV
    Rodriguez, Erik872613.0HOL
    Weishaar, Joshua19562.9SAL
    Roth, Chicory581682.9HAR
    Vicent, Michael491412.9MON
    Assist Leaders
    Christensen, Alex615989.8SOQ
    Rodriguez, Adrian888219.3HOL
    Calimpong, Greg938349.0GIL
    DeMartini, Romeo755607.5HAR
    Tully, Brian241666.9APT
    Brager, Eric785396.9SCV
    Redira, Royce523085.9MON
    Parker, Alex502304.6SLV
    Chapman, Dean251144.6SAL
    Juarez, Edward863494.1ALI
    Dig Leaders
    Garcia, Al311555.0WAT
    Hughes, Blake13544.2PAL
    Ruiz, Daniel843324.0HOL
    Sandoval, Nico862643.1GIL
    Thich, Brandon541412.6MON
    Tilly, Joseph521242.4MON
    Morana, Nestor30702.3WAT
    Bradley, Luis791842.3HOL
    Ruiz, Jose601312.2ALI
    CastaƱeda, Javier761652.2HOL
    Block Leaders
    Todd, Kyle45691.5SLV
    Beltz, Zac50731.5SLV
    Gorman, Nick39441.1SLV
    Powell , Roy72731.0HOL
    Valdez, Steven90840.9GIL
    Weishaar, Joshua19170.9SAL
    De La Torre, Jesus86750.9ALI
    Cook, Brian64520.8SOQ
    Rice, Jakob80560.7HOL
    Postle, Mitch47310.7HAR
    Ace Leaders
    Cook, Brian64781.2SOQ
    Vahradian, Michael75731.0HAR
    Garcia, Isidro49400.8ALI
    Vicent, Michael49390.8MON
    DeMartini, Romeo75460.6HAR
    Juarez, Edward86480.6ALI
    Calimpong, Greg93450.5GIL
    Powell , Roy72310.4HOL
    Parker, Alex50190.4SLV
    Todd, Kyle45170.4SLV
    Serve Pts. Leaders
    Rodriguez, Erik872022.3HOL
    Rodriguez, Adrian882002.3HOL
    Bradley, Luis791692.1HOL
    Powell , Roy721401.9HOL
    Ruiz, Daniel841581.9HOL
    Tilly, Joseph52951.8MON
    Redira, Royce52861.7MON
    CastaƱeda, Javier761231.6HOL
    Morana, Nestor30481.6WAT
    Thich, Brandon54831.5MON

    Boys' Volleyball
    Tuesday, May 12, 2009
    Soquel at3Final
    Kings Academy The (Sunnyvale)1
    CCS D II Playoffs @ Kings Academy HS
    San Lorenzo Valley at1
    Branham (San Jose)3Final
    CCS D II Playoffs @ Branham HS
    Thursday, May 14, 2009
    Soquel at1
    Valley Christian (San Jose)3Final
    CCS D II Quarerfinals @ Los Gatos HS
    Hollister at0
    Homestead (Cupertino)3Final
    CCS D I Quarterfinals @ Homestead HS
    Gilroy at0
    Bellarmine College Preparatory (San Jose)3Final
    CCS D I Quarterfinals @ Bellarmine HS
    Monterey at3Final
    CCS D II Quarterfinals @ Harbor HS
    Saturday, May 16, 2009
    Monterey at1
    Valley Christian (San Jose)3Final
    CCS D II Semifinals @ Independence HS

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